At Human Science, we offer a total translation solution based on "system utilization" spanning the pharmaceutical, medical, medical devices and other life sciences fields.

Remarkable advances and increasing sophistication have been seen in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, testing apparatus, diagnostic agents, biotechnology and other life sciences. Such fields are expected to expand further through integration with related fields such as chemistry, engineering, IT and software.

At Human Science, we provide invaluable support for all manner of advances that will sustain future medical care, through assured quality in our translation-related business.

As a translation company that continues to implement a unique "technology first" initiative, we have achieved an outstanding reputation among our clients for the breadth of our services and dependability of content.

Our Services

Human Science offers a high-quality translation service that will satisfy the requirements of clients in areas that demand a high level of expertise, including pharmaceuticals, medical care and other life sciences.

We have secured a great number of translators highly experienced in fields such as experimental and clinical medicine, fundamental clinical and non-clinical studies in pharmaceutical sciences, medical devices and instruments, testing apparatus and diagnostic agents. Projects we handle range from clinical trial protocols, clinical study reports, clinical and non-clinical-related materials, to Japanese and FDA regulatory submissions.

We also support translations that comply with the Japanese Pharmacopoeia (English version) and Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities (MedDRA).

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Human Science has a proven track record spanning many years in both the Japanese localization of materials—such as user's manuals and operation manuals for medical devices and testing apparatus, promotional materials and in-house training materials—and in the localization of these materials into multiple languages. We believe our strength lies in these localization services.

With our ability to offer in-depth assistance at each step of localization and our careful attention to detail due to our scientific background, we provide total support for businesses.

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In addition to translation-related services, we offer assistance in the creation of medical-related video content, e-learning and websites.

Specialized staff with an abundance of experience in this area provide a "one-stop solution" for a variety of content that goes beyond character information, to satisfy the diverse demands of our clients.

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Our Strengths

Human Science is more than a translation company specializing in the general medical sector, it is a technology company that develops and operates numerous technologies related to translation. We have implemented initiatives to improve the efficiency and quality of translation for more than 20 years so as to go beyond manual translation, utilizing diverse IT technologies and advanced techniques that include computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools such as Trados. These industry-leading endeavors have acted as a catalyst to propel the traditional work of translation to the next stage and have earned us high regard from clients in a number of fields.

The technology system that Human Science has built over many years has come to fruition as the unique "Language Technology" service. Translation efficiency and quality is elevated to the next level, through integration of the latest tools and technologies. Here is a typical example.

Improved Efficiency and Quality with Trados

Trados (a computer-assisted translation tool) converts and accumulates past translation resources into a database and is used to drastically improve the efficiency and consistency of quality of translation operations, which traditionally rely heavily on manual work.

More specifically, an original text and the corresponding translated text are recorded on a database known as a translation memory. If the same (or similar) text appears again, the translated text can be automatically (or with a simple operation) processed and applied from the database.

As an industry pioneer in Trados use, we have successfully assisted in the introduction of Trados to numerous clients, with no discrimination in business type.

XChecker Maximizes the Efficiency of Checking Operations

The XChecker is a specialized checking tool designed exclusively for translation operations.
This tool enables us to check for formating mistakes in the translation and for compliance with the individual terms of the translation quickly.

For example, the XChecker can automatically detect accidental deletions of numerical values during translation of the original text that are easily be overlooked by the human eye.

Working hours can be drastically reduced by skillfully separating content that should be checked by humans and content that can be checked mechanically.

Cost reduction and improved quality have been achieved at Human Science through the full-scale introduction of this tool.

Support for Effective Introduction of Machine Translation

Machine translation (MT) is a typical example of technical innovation in translation, but there are an increasing number of cases in which its introduction has been unsuccessful due to various reasons, such as a lack of prior research or experience.

Our MT has been successfully introduced in over 315 cases (as of 2016).

We do not proceed with MT introduction uniformly. After conducting thorough research, we propose the most suitable method according to the level and role of MT required by clients.

We can make proposals suited to specific needs of our clients, for example, if one client wishes to make use of Google's MT without having to worry about security, or if another client is dissatisfied with the output of a MT that they have already introduced.

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